About Our Company And Products

I designed Renewal Research nutritional products for the same reason I wrote Renewal: The Anti-Aging Revolution: I wanted to do everything within my power to help you achieve longevity and optimum health. By providing nutritional supplements of uncompromising quality at a reasonable price, we can make it easier for you to follow my optimum-health program.
In the 30 years I have been practicing nutritional medicine, I have observed first hand the power of optimum nutrition to keep us healthy and to help us live longer. Renewal Research supplement formulations are based on the latest scientific research, and are designed so that you can take a broad range of recommended supplements as efficiently as possible.

Long ago, back in the “dark ages” of the nutrition industry (circa 1972), when I began prescribing nutritional medicines for my patients, I noticed that some improved and some didn’t. Upon further investigation, I observed that the ones who were not improving had purchased inferior products; often these patients would even get sicker. I soon realized that low quality nutritional supplements (low potency, poorly formulated, contaminated with toxins, or substandard for a variety of other reasons) were adversely affecting my therapeutic goals.

So, I became an industry watchdog. I learned how to select only the highest quality products for my patients, and when they took these, I noticed that they healed faster and were more resistant to disease. For 30 years, I have been an advocate of only the purest, highest-quality nutritional medicine. As a result, no other supplements on the market today collectively equal the quality and integrity of those offered by Renewal Research.

The nutritional supplement industry has evolved into a kind of competitive ecosystem, and a veritable jungle. A spectrum of companies compete for consumers’ attention. At one end of the spectrum, are what I call the “fast food” supplement products found in malls, discount retailers, drugstores and supermarkets. These products are uniformly low quality and low price. At the other end of the spectrum, are the very best companies. They supply pharmaceutical level nutritional products to informed and discriminating nutritional doctors. Their formulas contain not only the finest source material available, but also the most precise formulations. Between the two extreme ends of the spectrum are hundreds of companies and thousands of products, many of which are substandard for a variety of reasons resulting in compromised products — and compromised results. The average person has no way of knowing which products are substandard.

At Renewal Research we solve the quality problem by becoming your nutritional advocate. Only the best offerings from the best companies are included in our product line. We continually survey the latest research literature so that when cutting edge molecular medicine breakthroughs occur, we can make the appropriate changes to our formulations.

There’s no question that the best does costs more, but our commitment to you, our customer, is that our pricing will remain very competitive while continuing to offer only the very best.