Take Control of Your

Cognitive and Genetic Destiny

to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease
for optimum cognition
for a healthy lifespan


Your health is the most important asset you have, and the more knowledge you have about it, the more prepared you will be to live a long life with a healthy Alzheimer’s-free brain.

These are special times: just in the past few years we have achieved the power to manipulate our own genes. The discovery of epigenetics (the science of understanding what controls the activity of our genes) has enabled us to make conscious choices that change the way our genes will be expressed.

For the first time ever, genetic events inside your body and brain are under your control. Applying the principles of epigenetics empowers you to literally change your genetic and cognitive destiny–with exercise, the right nutrition (including supplements), and wise lifestyle choices. Thanks to this new science, whether you have a healthy, dementia-resistant brain is completely up to you.

The importance of early preventive action can’t be overemphasized. About a third of all people will end up demented, and the metabolic changes that lead to dementia start decades before symptoms appear. Whether you just want to maintain good brain health or you already have some memory loss and wish to reverse it, the time to start is right now!

About Reversing Alzheimer’s
My mother’s death from Alzheimer’s twenty years ago was the inspiration for this book. Since then our scientific understanding of…
What Causes Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is not one disease. It has multiple causes and those causes vary with each individual. Each cause must be addressed.

The Anti-Alzheimer’s Diet
Suboptimal nutrition damages the molecular systems in your brain and causes Alzheimer’s disease. I’ll explain which foods are damaging and…
Reversing Alzheimer’s with Supplements
Several specific nutritional medicines have been shown to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. In this book I have included only…
Your Gut Microbiome
Your gut microbiome—the bugs in your intestinal tract—controls your brain by exerting powerful epigenetic effects (when and how brain genes are translated).
Neurogenesis, BDNF, and Exercise
Physical activity (like your morning walk or run) generates BDNF, a powerful neurohormone that stimulates the growth of new neurons in your cerebral cortex. BDNF not only grows new brain cells, it enhances memory, improves IQ, and reverses cognitive impairment.
Testing for Alzheimer’s Biomarkers

Biomarker testing pinpoints the root metabolic imbalances that undermine harmonic brain function and cause Alzheimer’s disease. To reverse cognitive decline, these metabolic errors must be restored to normal. Abnormal biomarkers provide a road map for prevention and cure. In this article I will show you which markers to use and how to interpret them. And…

Controlling Your Genes with Epigenetics

The recent discovery of epigenetics enables us to make conscious lifestyle choices that control when and how our genes are expressed. Building a healthy, dementia-resistant brain is now, for the first time in human history, under your control. These are special times for us humans.