Take Control of Your

Cognitive and Genetic Destiny

to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease
for optimum cognition
for a healthy lifespan


Your health is the most important asset you have, and the more knowledge you have about it, the more prepared you will be to live a long life with a healthy Alzheimer’s-free brain.

These are special times: just in the past few years we have achieved the power to manipulate our own genes. The discovery of epigenetics (the science of understanding what controls the activity of our genes) has enabled us to make conscious choices that change the way our genes will be expressed.

For the first time ever, genetic events inside your body and brain are under your control. Applying the principles of epigenetics empowers you to literally change your genetic and cognitive destiny–with exercise, the right nutrition (including supplements), and wise lifestyle choices. Thanks to this new science, whether you have a healthy, dementia-resistant brain is completely up to you.

The importance of early preventive action can’t be overemphasized. About a third of all people will end up demented, and the metabolic changes that lead to dementia start decades before symptoms appear. Whether you just want to maintain good brain health or you already have some memory loss and wish to reverse it, the time to start is right now!

The Anti-Alzheimer’s Diet

Suboptimal nutrition damages the molecular systems in your brain and causes Alzheimer’s disease. An anti-dementia diet is based on foods…

Reversing Alzheimer’s with Supplements

Several specific nutritional medicines have been shown to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. At the top of the list is…

Neurogenesis, Exercise, and BDNF

Physical activity (like your morning walk or run) generates BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), a powerful neurohormone that stimulates the growth of new neurons in your cerebral cortex.

Testing for Alzheimer’s Biomarkers

Biomarker testing identifies the unique combination of biochemical malfunctions that are causing memory loss in you or a loved one. These are standard tests that can be done at any medical laboratory. Using the test results…

How to Improve Your Memory: A Lesson in Epigenetics

Deep down in the center of your brain lies a very special area where all your memories are stored. It’s called the hippocampus.

The hippocampus is dynamic. It is constantly being damaged by stress…

Why I Take Berberine Every Day

I just learned that the bright golden-orange color in the California poppies that burst forth around our ranch every spring comes from berberine, an herbal powerhouse that has the potential to block cognitive decline and slam the door on Alzheimer’s disease

Lithium: The Miracle Mineral That Heals Your Brain

When an MRI scan of my brain showed cerebral atrophy a number of years ago, it wasn’t surprising; most people experience some brain shrinkage as a “normal” feature of aging