You Can Reverse Alzheimer’s! We are no longer at the mercy of our DNA. The recent discovery of epigenetics–the science of understanding how to control the expression of our own genes–has given us the exciting new power to make conscious choices that reprogram our genetic destiny. In Reversing Alzheimer’s, Dr. Timothy Smith shows you how to apply this new science to improve cognition and reverse Alzheimer’s disease. Now, whether you have a healthy, dementia-free brain is completely up to you. In Reversing Alzheimer’s you will learn

  • How to reverse Alzheimer’s disease
  • How to enhance neurogenesis: the brain’s ability to grow, heal, and adapt
  • Which foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals prevent and reverse dementia
  • How intermittent fasting can dramatically lower your risk of dementia
  • Which fats destroy the brain and which heal it.

Reversing Alzheimer’s
will empower you to turn on the epigenetic control of genes that prevent—and even reverse—Alzheimer’s disease.

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