Reversing Alzheimer’s with Supplements

Several specific nutritional medicines have been shown to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. At the top of the list is low-dose lithium, a “magical mineral” that not only reverses Alzheimer’s but also has been shown to increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), stimulate neurogenesis, heal traumatic brain injury, and reverse cerebral atrophy. Anyone who wants to prevent dementia and keep the sharpest possible mental edge should include this mineral in his or her supplement program. Other supplemental nutritional medicines that have been shown to provide basic brain support, enhance cognition, and block or reverse the Alzheimer’s disease process include berberine, B-complex vitamins, curcumin, bacopa, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), flaxseed oil, phosphatidylserine, green tea extract, citicoline, and probiotics.

Below is a list of eight amazing nutritional medicines that prevent and reverse dementia. These are the nutritional medicines I believe would make the most useful addition to any anti-Alzheimer’s program:

Low-dose lithium—This mineral reverses Alzheimer’s disease. It also protects the brain from neurodegenerative disease, prevents and reverses age-related cerebral atrophy, improves memory, protects against brain trauma, and reduces both stroke risk and stroke damage.

DHA and flaxseed oil—These omega-3 essential fatty acids increase brain levels of BDNF, the extensively studied remarkable neurohormone that keeps the brain young by stimulating new neuron growth, enhancing neuroplasticity, and guarding against neurodegeneration and cognitive decline.

Curcumin—Curcumin enhances cognitive functioning and reverses dementia by blocking the synthesis of several key pro-inflammatory chemicals. It also suppresses inflammatory triggers for Alzheimer’s disease and reverses amyloid beta plaque deposition.

Green tea—Consumption of green tea has been associated with a dramatic reduction of Alzheimer’s risk.

Citicoline—Citicoline provides potent stroke protection, boosts cognition, enhances brain blood circulation and overall brain function, and accelerates synaptic growth.

BacopaBacopa monnieri is an herb used widely in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine that accelerates learning rate and memory and reverses neurodegenerative brain disease.

Phosphatidylserine—This nutrient renews aging brain cells, bolsters memory, enhances alertness and overall mental performance, and rejuvenates just about every function controlled by the central nervous system. It helps regenerate stressed-out or damaged nerve cells, reversing defects in nerve cell message transmission.

Berberine—Berberine has been shown to reverse the loss of spatial memory in Alzheimer’s disease and enhance the health and functionality of the brain’s memory centers. It also protects against strokes by normalizing blood sugar and reversing metabolic syndrome.