Books by Timothy J. Smith, M.D.:

Hello and welcome! My name is Tim Smith, M.D. I’m a family physician, author, nutritional biochemist, and specialist in bio-identical hormones and anti-aging medicine. I practice integrative medicine, which means I combine the best of alternative and mainstream medicines. I driven by a passion to find and address the underlying molecular biological causes of disease rather than just treating the symptoms. At the top of the list sits Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes)—a preventable epidemic that will kill 75% of us. Cancer isn’t far behind.

This site provides free access to the full text of three of my books:

  • Heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis — My new book, Outsmarting The Number One Killer, discusses the current epidemic of Atherosclerotic plaque developing right now in most of our hearts and brains. Though it is preventable and reversible, this disease will kill three-fourths of us. Atherosclerosis is caused by biochemical abnormalities (abnormal markers). My book shows you how to test for these and, if elevated, how to reverse them. This is accomplished not with drugs, but by using diet, lifestyle, and research-proven natural medicines. When one removes the causes of atherosclerosis, the arteries heal. The disease is cured. The atherosclerosis epidemic claims the lives of millions of Americans every year. The carnage continues because our conventional medicine system refuses to address the actual causes of atherosclerosis. In terms of treatment, we are still in the Dark Ages of statin drugs, stents, and bypass surgery. Based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific research, Outsmarting The Number One Killer will show you whether you are among the three in four who will die of atheroscleosis. The book will show you how to identify the causes of your atherosclerosis and how how to use natural medicines to reverse it.
  • Anti-Aging Medicine and optimum health — Renewal: The Anti-Aging Revolution, is an encyclopedic resource guide to optimum health. This 650 page book provides a program of diet, nutritional supplements, bioidentical anti-aging hormones, and exercise. Originally published by Rodale Press (hardcover) and by St. Martin’s Press,(paperback), Renewal is now available for free.
  • Cancer — The GcMAF Book is about a remarkable natural medicine that activates the immune system, enabling it to destroy cancer cells and reverse a host of immune-related diseases. The book describes a complex set of molecular biological discoveries. Nagalase (short for N-acetylgalactososaminidase) is the principal chemical weapon released by all cancer cells and viruses that allows them to evade the immune system. Nagalase disables the healthy immune response, and this allows cancer cells to grow and spread. GcMAF stimulates immune cells, encouraging them to go out and aggressively destroy cancer cells. GcMAF therapy has the potential to cure cancer, especially when the cancer is in its earliest stages (and/or when the “tumor load” is low after surgical resection). Nagalase testing can be used to detect the very earliest presence of cancer cells, long before there are enough of them to show up on imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI). Nagalase testing can also be used to determine whether cancer cells remain after cancer-removal surgery. GcMAF is a messenger protein that activates the immune cells (called macrophages) that devour cancer cells. Nagalase hobbles the immune response by blocking GcMAF production, but GcMAF injections bypass the blockage and reactivate the macrophages, which then aggressively seek out and devour cancer cells. More…

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